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Hilbert Morales EO Publisher

Hilbert Morales
EO Publisher

As a community let’s focus on local domestic issues. Listed here are a few: A) Improve and monitor all education systems; B) Income disparity issues (which means addressing the local economy); C) Discussion of violence and sexually abusive practices, on the job, at colleges & universities, etc. D) Dealing with the unions’ Collective Bargaining & Pensions; E) Getting the Vote Out, especially the Hispanic Vote; F) Talking about the local corporations involved in the military industrial complex. G) Mitigation of street violence; establishment of safety & security in our communities. H) City Services; I) Drought, water conservation is required; J) Collective bargaining through unions; K) Family planning. L) Address unfunded pension obligations and many more.

Several of the above topics need to be investigated by an appointed comission whose members are not stakeholders and have no conflict of interest. Many of these issues are continuously ‘looked into’ by those who do have a ‘stake’ and therefore a conflict of interest.

A) Improve & monitor all education systems: Local school districtrs, community college districts, California State University and University of California systems First of all, let’s deal with EDUCATION, which is very essential to our American way of life. All  of our local education systems need to be re-evaluated in terms of their cost and effectiveness. Since school jurisdictions have no competitive forces which help control costs, it is essential that some way be found to have assessment and evaluations done by a third party which has no stakeholder nor conflict of interests. For example, why should a one-school district such as Burbank School, having one Superintendent, exist? Why is it not integrated with the neighboring San Jose Unified School District? Both the County of Santa Clara and San Mateo have too many school districts, each with a Superintendent, plus attendant support staff. An independent assessment commission is needed to recommend the merger and integration of the current 52 school districts down to 20 districts. Consider that by not having 32 Superintendants at $350,000 each, an estimated operational savings of $11,200,000. That does not include the cost of each superintendents supportive staff. This simple example shows how very TOP HEAVY schools are today. Imagine the impact of $11.2 million dollars re-directed into the classrooms.

The basic issue is that the entire system of education from pre-K, K-8, 9-12, community colleges, State Univeristies, and University of California systems all seem to have become too expensive. There is no ‘competitive counter force such as ‘competition’ to keep operational costs reasonable and appropriate. And most assessments and evaluations are performed by those who have a conflict of interest or are stakeholders who benefit from the outcomes. In the end, it is the citizen who ends up paying the costs of supporting all current education practices and systems which were formulated in a past era.

B) Income disparity issues (which means addressing the local economy in Silicon Valley.) Today, many have adequate incomes exceeding $85,000 per year. However, too many have low incomes ($22,000/year); others rely upon various assistance programs; and some 8,500 are homeless. The top 1% (ultra wealthy) all need to pay taxes; corporations need to stop practicing tax avoidance, and pay taxes, because in addition to non-profit organizations, the local governments are the only way to distribute goods and services needed by the destitute and unemployed/underemployed. As an entire community, we must begin to examine the current wealth distribution because it needs to be distributed in a manner that benefits most of us rather than just the top 1%. This nation, especially this Silicon Valley community, has the wealth to satisfy all of us. What is lacking in the current capitalistic business practices is the sense of ownership coupled with ‘Christian stewardship’. We must study the impact of automation, robotics and cybernetics on the ability of having all of us have a job which provides a living income. That simply is not happening. Many wealthy are adamant about having the needy ‘go get a job’ at a period when the greatest number of jobs being created are part-time low hourly wage jobs. A new paradigm regarding the distribution of wealth is needed.

C) Discussion of violence and sexually abusive practices…on the job, at colleges & universities, etc. We all need to learn how to control our impulses, anger, resentment, and hostility. Horny individuals need to keep their comments to themselves as well as control their groping hands. Consensual partnerships are formed after conversations which develop relationships with commitments. Care,belonging, and relationships are the essence of being a human being. These are the local challenges which come first.


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