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Jason Alderman

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¿Le resulta familiar esta situación? Hace unos años, sus ingresos anuales eran bastante bajos por lo que creyó que no debía pagar el impuesto a las ganancias. Por eso, cuando llegó el 15 de abril del año siguiente, ni se molestó en presentar su declaración fiscal porque sabía que no sería penalizado.
Grave error.

Aun cuando sus ingresos estén por debajo del monto mínimo por el que se deben pagar impuestos, hay grandes chances de que se le hayan descontado impuestos de su sueldo a lo largo del año. (Revise su formulario W-2 de fin de año). Si es así, probablemente tenga una importante devolución fiscal por cobrar.

Y usted no es el único. El IRS calcula que, anualmente, casi un millón de personas no se molestan en presentar sus declaraciones fiscales, perdiendo su derecho a recibir cerca de U$S1.000 millones en devoluciones fiscales –devoluciones que promedian varios cientos de dólares por persona.

La buena noticia es que el IRS le da generalmente un plazo de tres años para presentar una declaración fiscal del año anterior si desea reclamar una devolución impaga. Por ejemplo, para cobrar una devolución correspondiente al año 2010, usted tiene hasta el 15 de abril de 2014 para presentar la declaración fiscal de 2010. Vencido ese plazo, el dinero pasa a ser propiedad del Tesoro estadounidense.

Puede solicitar los formularios de las declaraciones fiscales del año pasado en o llamando al 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676). Si le falta algún otro papel (ej. formularios W-2 o 1099), deberá solicitar copias a su empleador, banco u otro pagador. Si no los consigue, presente el formulario 4506-T del IRS para solicitar una transcripción gratuita de la información contenida en estos formularios.

Tenga en cuenta que, si presenta el formulario para cobrar una devolución por sus impuestos de 2010 pero no ha presentado las declaraciones fiscales de 2011 y 2012, el IRS puede retener la devolución hasta que presente dichas declaraciones. Además, las devoluciones pasadas se aplicarán a las sumas que usted adeude al IRS o a su órgano fiscal estatal, y podrán ser usadas para pagar cuotas alimentarias impagas o deudas federales vencidas, como préstamos estudiantiles.

Otra buena razón para presentar la declaración fiscal del año anterior es el Crédito Fiscal por Ingresos (o EITC por sus siglas en inglés). Si el motivo por el que no presentó su declaración fiscal fue que no tuvo tantos ingresos como para tener que pagar impuestos, podría haber accedido al EITC, un crédito fiscal “reembolsable” para contribuyentes con ingresos bajos a moderados. (“Reembolsable” significa que, si adeuda menos impuestos que el crédito que le corresponde, no solo no paga impuestos sino que además le devuelven la diferencia).

A modo de ejemplo, para el año fiscal 2010, un matrimonio que presentó su declaración fiscal en forma conjunta, con tres o más hijos, cuyos ingresos brutos ajustados fueron inferiores a U$S48.263, pudo acceder a un EITC de hasta U$S5.666. Para ver cómo funciona el EITC y si usted puede acceder a él, consulte la página

Para el resto de nosotros, el 15 de abril es el plazo para presentar nuestra declaración fiscal de 2013. Como mínimo, debería pedir una extensión del plazo para entonces; de lo contrario, la penalidad por los impuestos adeudados aumentará drásticamente.

En general, deberá pagar un recargo del 5 por ciento sobre los impuestos adeudados por cada mes parcial o completo de retraso, más los intereses, hasta una penalidad máxima del 25 por ciento. Pero, si presenta su declaración o solicitud de extensión de plazo, la penalidad será 10 veces menor, es decir, 0,5 por ciento mensual, más los intereses.
En resumen: Si no ha presentado sus declaraciones fiscales de los últimos tres años, vuelva atrás y haga cuentas –podría tener la grata sorpresa de recibir una abultada devolución fiscal.


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For decades, tobacco companies have signified big business. Now, however, with the continuing decline in U.S. sales, the once booming industry has been working to protect its multi-billion-dollar bottom line by relying on its global reach into Asia and other continents. Yet, despite the stronger push in Asian markets, obstacles still exist. In 2008, China became the first to introduce a non-tobacco alternative known as the electronic cigarette — also known as the vapor cigarette.

“Consumption of [vapor cigarettes] may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade,” predicts Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog, “and they’ll only evolve and improve as time goes forward — at far less risk. The technology portion of it is sort of like Apple. This is just version one.”Vapor cigarettes are battery-powered inhalers that heat tubes to turn a liquid solution into vapor at much lower temperatures than tobacco-based cigarettes.

Instead of “smoke,” they produce water vapor that mim-ics the feel of smoking and contains approximately the same amount of nicotine as a conventional cigarette.

While not marketed as a way to quit smoking, many believe they can defeat that addiction, noting other benefits being that they don’t burn tobacco (thus no cancer-causing agents), and they don’t emit secondhand smoke or produce ash.

With more than 40 million smokers in the U.S., the growth potential for Icon Vapor (OTCPK: ICNV) as an independent, ultra-premium quality vapor cigarette company is substantial.

To date, vapor cigarette sales have doubled every year since 2008, according to UBS Financial Services, and were due to break the $1 billion bar this past year — although sales figures for 2013 are not yet available. This means a potentially lucrative future for Icon Vapor. “Icon Vapor’s goal is to provide a sensible, safer, cost-competitive alternative to the tobacco-based cigarette,” notes Daniel Balsiger, president of Icon Vapor.

“We also believe that an informed consumer will carefully consider who they purchase vapor cigarettes from, and that Icon Vapor will distinguish itself in the marketplace as a superior product to big tobacco’s recent efforts to diversify into that space.”

Icon Vapor recently unveiled an innovative market-ing platform that offers an excellent opportunity for those wanting to enter this growing, lucrative market — with its goal and structure designed to give profits back to the average person just by sharing the word.


admin <![CDATA[¡VAMOS A GOZAR!]]> 2014-03-14T01:22:40Z 2014-03-14T01:22:40Z Club Rio 610 Coleman Road,  San Jose, CA 95110 8:00pm

Club Rio
610 Coleman Road,
San Jose, CA 95110

Cinequest Film Festival
March 4th-March 16th
Tickets on sale at Camera 12 Cinemas, San Jose Repertory Theater, and
California Theater Visit for show times and locations 408-295-3378

Azteca Mexica New Year 2014
March 15th @ 6:00am-March 16th @ 5:00pm
Emma Prush Park 647 S. King Rd. San Jose, CA 95116

The French Fair:
A Day in France
March 15th @ 10:00am
Lucie Stern Community Center 1305 Middlefield Road Palo, Alto 94301

Santa Cruz Baroque Festival
March 15th @ 7:30pm
UCSC Music Recital Hall
1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 831-459-2159

Singles Dance Social
March 16th @ 12:30pm
Playa Bonita 544 W. Alma Avenue San Jose, CA

SF Comedy Showcase
March 16th @ 8:00pm
444 Battery St. San Francisco, CA 94111

The Blossom Festival
March 22nd @ 10:00am
Heritage Orchard and Warner Hutton House
Fruitvale Avenue and Saratoga Avenue Saratoga, CA 95070

Tales of Pilgrimage:
a song cycle opera
March 29th @ 5:00pm/
March 30th @ 2:00pm
Mexican Heritage Theater 1700 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose, CA 95116 Purchase Tickets:

Her Story: Prints by
Elizabeth Murray
Until March 30th 11:00am-5:00pm
Cantor Arts Center 328 Lomita Drive Stanford, CA

Citizenship Day 2014
April 12th 9:00am-3:00pm
San Jose City College Technology Bldg.
600 S.  Bascom Ave.San Jose, CA 95128
-Receive guidance in filling out citizenship applications


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American Counseling Association

Even very good students can sometimes suffer from test anxiety.  That’s the name given to poor performance in testing situations which results from the student seeming to mentally freeze up, despite having really studied the subject matter.

It can happen from early elementary years through college and even in work situations. Most students suffering from severe test anxiety are very aware of it and eager to make it disappear.

A starting point in overcoming test anxiety is accepting that some nervousness is natural.  Blame it on our ancestors.  In any tension-filled situation – whether it’s a snarling bear at the cave entrance or test questions about polynomials – our blood pressure goes up and other physiological and psychological reactions take place. This is good when the threat is a bear but overkill when it’s just a snarling math problem.

Try these tips to reduce that level of natural anxiety:
-  Prepare, but don’t cram, trying to cover the whole subject the night before a test. Instead, take an organized, rational approach and focus on the key points of the subject being tested.
-  Anticipate test questions. There may be small surprises, but most tests focus on core concepts and materials. Concentrate your studying and preparation in those main areas and you’ll feel more confident about handling the test.
-  Be physically prepared.  Get a good night’s sleep and eat smart.  Don’t skip breakfast or consume foods high in caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often recommended to reduce stress.
-  Change your attitude.  Tell yourself, repeatedly, that you’ve studied well, that you’re ready to do your best and that you’re feeling confident. A positive attitude makes a big difference.  Relax at test time, taking several deep breaths and thinking pleasant thoughts. Take that same relaxation break during the test if you feel yourself tensing up.
-  Remind yourself it’s only a test, not an “all or nothing” situation. Don’t worry about the whole test, just focus on the current question.  Tell yourself you’re doing your best.
Being nervous about a test is natural. Being so anxious that it repeatedly affects performance is a problem that should be dealt with.  If simple changes, such as those above, don’t seem to help, talk to your school counselor, or consider meeting with a professional counselor outside your school. There are treatments and strategies that can effectively help manage severe test anxiety.


admin <![CDATA[El Cáncer y Tus Huesos: Datos Importantes Todos Debemos Saber]]> 2014-03-14T01:07:39Z 2014-03-14T01:07:39Z cancer

Mundialmente, se esti­ma que alrededor de 1.5 mi­llo­nes de pacientes con cáncer avanzado han visto la enfermedad diseminarse a los huesos. Si tú eres un paciente con cáncer, o cuidas a alguien que padece de la enfermedad, aquí tiene algunos datos importantes que debería saber.

Metástasis de los huesos, o la dise­minación del cáncer a los huesos, puede ser una complicación grave que a menudo es olvidada en nuestra comunidad y afecta a una porción substancial de pacientes que padecen del cáncer como resultado de tumores sólidos, incluyendo:

Más de dos tercios de pacientes con cáncer del seno avanzado.Hasta el 90 por ciento de los pacientes con cáncer de la próstata avanzado.Aproximadamente 36 por ciento de pacientes con cáncer de pulmón avanzado. La Importancia de la Salud de los Huesos Si no es tratado, la metástasis de los huesos puede debilitar los huesos y hasta puede causar fracturas. Por lo tanto, es importante que pacientes con cáncer avanzado entiendan la salud de sus huesos y que se comuniquen con sus doctores sobre como tomar las medidas apropiadas para protegerse mejor.

Es posible que los pacientes y sus seres queridos no entiendan el impacto que el cáncer pueda tener en sus huesos, dice Rita Lusen,

La iniciativa de Bone Health in Focus ofrece recursos, asesoramiento y consejos para educar a pacientes y cuidadores, y los motiva a que se comuniquen con sus doctores sobre las opciones disponibles para prevenir problemas causados por la diseminación del cáncer en los huesos.

La Iniciativa de Bone  Health  in Focus™

Para ayudar a educar al público sobre la importancia de la salud de los huesos, Amgen ha colaborado con organizaciones de abogacía, in­cluyendo, Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Edu­cation & Support Network y the National Lung Cancer Partnership, para desarrollar una serie de reportes sobre la salud de los huesos y otros recursos importantes como parte de la iniciativa de Bone Health in Focus. Bone Health in Focus ofrece recursos y información personalizada para cuidadores y pacientes con cáncer de la próstata, pulmón, o el seno.
También, la iniciativa ofrece conocimientos de médicos y pa­cientes, incluyendo testimonios personales y consejos prácticos para comunicarse efectivamente sobre la salud de los huesos.

Aprende Más
Para ver los reportes sobre la salud de los huesos y aprender más sobre este tema, visita www.bone

Que Preguntarle al Doctor
Cuando estés hablando de tu salud de los huesos con un proveedor de atención médica, considera estas preguntas importantes:
1)    ¿Estoy en riesgo de metástasis en los huesos?
2)    ¿Cuáles son los signos o síntomas de la metástasis de los huesos?
3)    ¿Debería hacerme una gammagrafía de los huesos? ¿Qué tan a menudo?
4)    ¿Cuáles son mis opciones?
5)    ¿Cuáles son los posibles riesgos de la metástasis de los huesos?
6)    ¿Dónde puede ir para recibir más información?
7)    ¿Hay algo más que debería saber?


admin <![CDATA[Chicken Pozole]]> 2014-03-14T01:13:37Z 2014-03-14T01:03:23Z pozole

Remove meat from chicken and shred into 1-inch pieces; discard skin and bones. Set aside about 1 1/2 cups of meat for soup; reserve remaining chicken for another use. In large Dutch oven or saucepot set over medium heat, heat oil. Add onion and cook until translucent and fragrant, about 8 minutes. Add garlic and cook for 3 to 4 more minutes. Add oregano, coriander and cumin, and cook until slightly darkened and fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes.

Add green chiles, chopped tomatoes, salsa verde and cook until it just comes to a boil, about 2 minutes. Add hominy and chicken broth and return to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for at least 10 minutes to allow flavors to develop. Season with salt and pepper. Add shredded chicken and cook until heated through, 3 minutes. To serve, divide among 4 bowls and garnish as desired.


1 1/2 cups of chicken, shredded from a store bought (3- to 4-pound) rotisserie chicken
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 large yellow onion, chopped (about 2 cups)
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 teaspoon oregano
3 teaspoons ground coriander
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 can (4.5 ounces) chopped green chiles
1/2 (14.5-ounce) can chopped tomatoes
1 can (7 ounces) salsa verde
2 cans (15 ounces each) hominy, drained
2 cans (14 ounces each) low-sodium chicken broth
Kosher salt and cracked black pepper
Garnishes (optional)
1 red onion, finely chopped
1 lime, cut into wedges
1/2 cup crema or sour creamCrushed tortilla chips
z/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves, choppedThinly sliced radishes
1avocado, diced


admin <![CDATA[Favoritos saludables de la familia]]> 2014-03-14T00:59:24Z 2014-03-14T00:59:24Z brocolli

(Family Features)

Si busca maneras deliciosas de aportar más nutrientes a la mesa familiar, la respuesta es el brócoli. Está incluido en la mayoría de las listas de los 10 mejores superalimentos y contiene muchísimos nutrientes por bocado.

Salteado de brócoli
Porciones: 4


1cucharadita de aceite vegetal
2chalotes, sin cáscara y cortados en rodajas delgadas
4dientes de ajo, pelados y cortados en rodajas delgadas
1taza de hongos asiáticos surtidos (maitake, buna-shimeji blanco, enoki, trompeta de pie amarillo, shiitake)
1/2 cabeza de repollo de Napa, picado
1 1/2 taza de flores de brócoli Eat Smart Beneforté
1 1/2 taza de arvejas chinas
1 pimiento dulce rojo, picadosal marina y pimienta molida a gustocoles para decorar

Calentar una sartén grande con aceite a fuego medio-alto. Cocinar los chalotes hasta que estén transparentes (un par de minutos) y agregar el ajo. Cocinar durante 1 minuto. Agregar los hongos y cocinar hasta que el líquido se evapore (unos 5 minutos). Agregar el repollo, el brócoli, las arvejas chinas y el pimiento dulce, cocinar durante 3 minutos. Cubrir con las coles. Servir de inmediato.


admin <![CDATA[Get Involved]]> 2014-03-14T00:54:50Z 2014-03-14T00:54:50Z cityhallSan Jose

 The  City  of  San José is seeking residents in Council Districts 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 to fill two vacancies in each district on the San José Neighborhoods Commission, an advisory board to the City Council.New commissioners in each of the odd-number Council Districts will be selected by residents through a caucus process scheduled for April – May 2014. The City Council will give final approval to the selections.

The Neighborhoods Commission was created to provide a voice on citywide neighborhood quality of life issues, review proposed policies and programs affecting neighborhoods, and make recommendations to the City Council in the following four areas , Public Safety, City of San José Department of Transportation issues,
City of San José Code Enforcement issues, City of San José Annual Budget Process.

To be eligible, candidates must live within the boundaries of the San José’s Council District they would like to represent and be available to attend meetings for the four-year term. To determine which Council District you live in, view the District Maps online,

Residents who want to serve on the commission, can apply through the City Clerk’s Office, Applications are due by 5 p.m. Friday April 4, 2014.

The Commission will fill the vacant seats through a caucus which is a gathering of delegates from the participating neighborhood groups that are registered with the City Manager’s Office in each of the odd-numbered Council Districts. Qualified candidates will be notified of the time, date and location of their Council District caucus as they are scheduled.
The caucus, which is open to the public, will be moderated by a representative from the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County. Candidates will be asked to give brief opening statements, be available to answer questions, and provide closing statements. To be elected, candidates must receive a majority of votes through rounds of public balloting.

Commission to fill vacancies through caucus process
Commissioners meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Rooms 118-119 of the City Hall Wing, 200 East Santa Clara Street. The Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 9, 2014.


admin <![CDATA[Mexica New Year Ome Tochtli (Two Rabbit): a youth and family event]]> 2014-03-14T00:49:36Z 2014-03-14T00:49:36Z ometochtli

Natalie Rodriguez
Special to El Observador

Yei Tochtli Mitlalpilli of Calpulli Tonalehqueh, an Aztec community, located in San Jose, California, aims to bring a sense of nature, community and cultural experience to the children and youth of the bay area through the two-day celebration. Their work is founded on the principles of wisdom, harmony and culture. For approximately 15 years, the Aztec Mexica New Year has been celebrated in San Jose, Calif., hosted by Calpulli Tonalehqueh.

Growing up in San Jose, attending events like the annual 5 de mayo celebrations has made Mitlalpilli aim to distinguish the celebration of Mexica New Year from other events. The family friendly celebration has been held in different neighborhoods through San Jose throughout the years. One of its distinguishing factors is that there is no alcohol at the event.

This year the event will be held at Emma Prusch Park. The park includes a playground, a little farm, bird farm, and community gardens for the children. “We want to encourage families to come and bring their children and introduce them to the culture, have a cultural experience, a positive cultural experience here in San Jose,” says Mitlalpilli.
Through cultural events and ceremonies, Mitlalpilli believes that “this has become also a positive gathering place, or a positive second family group, for these children that can keep them away from things like gangs, drugs and alcohol.”

Mitlalpilli believes that the curriculum of the current educational system is not “culturally relevant to the students” and that “it’s not very motivating and for that reason there’s a large drop out rate.” According to the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, although there has been a decrease in the rate of Latino dropouts, in October 2012 there were 134,000 Latino high school dropouts.  Mitlalpilli believes that these dropouts do not have the opportunity to experience culturally specific education such as Chicano Studies courses that are often offered at the college level. By exposing families and youth to cultural celebrations he says, “When we have these events, it’s exposing the children, the families, to the culture, to be proud seeing the beauty of their culture and it’s important that they get that sense of pride, that sense of belonging, to be part of something.”

Through a partnership with the Mexican Heritage Plaza’s School of Arts and Culture, youth will have the opportunity to actively participate in the festivities. Not only will the artwork of students of the School of Arts and Culture be on display, they will also have the opportunity to offer a piñata, which they have created in the shape of a rabbit, during the ceremony. One of the dances throughout the day will also be given to the youth and children in order to offer them a sense of community.

Other youth participants will contribute through volunteer work. Outreach work in low income charter schools will include a presentation from Mexico City’s musical group, Grupo Tribu, in an effort to reach an estimated 1,000 elementary school children.

The Aztec Mexica New Year Ome Tochtli (Two Rabbit), which is March 12, will be celebrated on Saturday, March 15 at Emma Prusch Park in San Jose, Calif. The celebration will begin with a sunrise ceremony at 6:00 a.m. and will include between 60 and 80 arts and crafts booths, educational workshops, 30 to 40 dances throughout the day and proclamations by city and state officials. According to Mitlalpilli the celebration “is one the largest gatherings of Aztec dancers and the Aztec community in general, as well as other Native Nations.”

For more information and updates visit the Azteca Mexica New Year event page or the Calpulli Tonalehqueh page on Facebook.