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Apple Computer’s  Green Initiatives

Apple Computer’s Green Initiatives

Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss EarthTalk  Long criticized for its lack of commitment to sustainability—from supporting the dangerous mining of precious resources and exploiting factory workers to powering its data centers with energy derived from coal...
e-Books, una opción para revitalizar el hábito de la lectura

e-Books, una opción para revitalizar el hábito de la lectura

Notimex A dos décadas de su ingreso al mercado, los libros electrónicos o e-books reconfiguraron el mercado editorial, lo cual lejos de poner fin al uso de obras impresas marcaron el inicio de una nueva era de posibilidades de lectura, aprendizaje...
Is your technology working for you?

Is your technology working for you?

(BPT)  For every new computer, gadget or service there are several different stages of ownership. Unfortunately, the first and happiest phase – the honeymoon – doesn’t last forever. Eventually, devices can slow, services get outdated,...

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